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        The University of Maine Clean Snowmobile Team has pursued an exciting avenue in deciding to
a snowmobile in order for it to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).


                            Above is a photo of the 2013-2014 University of Maine Clean Snowmobile Team.

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     The University of Maine Clean Snowmobile                     The University of Maine Clean Snowmobile                   Many gracious sponsors have offered their
       Team plans to convert a snowmobile to be                     Team is comprised of students studying                        support. Both financial support and technical
       run on compressed natural gas (CNG). It it                     Mechanical Engineering. The team is made                  expertise have aided this project in getting started.
       their hope that this modification will eventually               up of students currently in their fourth year of                  Donations are always welcome and much
       be allowed at the Clean Snowmobile                               engineering, using this project as their                            appreciated. The team would like to personally
       Competition in Michigan.                                                     capstone for their senior year.                                            thank all those that have contributed to the project.
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More Info                                                More Info
      The Competition:
                SAE Clean Snowmobile       
The Clean Snowmobile Competition takes place in the upper peninsula of Michigan
       every year in March. The competition allows students of engineering from across the
       country to come together as teams in order to modify a snowmobile to run cleaner
       than it would on regular gasoline. The current fuels that teams have converted to are
       ethanol blends, bio-diesel, and fuel cells.

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