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Logo by Tyler Smith U. Maine Mechanical Engineering 2003

This project represents the effort of 10 mechanical engineering senior design team members 
and more than 8 other involved students.

2002 Sr. Design Team: Ben Alley, Brian Baillargeon, Matthew Jolin, Paul Melrose, Bobbi Meserve and Dekin Scroggins
2003 Sr. Design Team: Ryan Foss, Elizabeth Goodine, Tomokazu Miyakozawa and Elliot Lowe
Other 2003 Team Members are: Ukeme Awakessien, Tyler Smith
James Bryant, and Keith Pearson 

The 2003 Team

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The Competition:

2003 Race Site
The Race

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The race site for 2004?

Sites of Interest:
Biomimetic Locomotion Biomimetic Locomotion

Robo-Whale, first a Tuna & a  Pike, then a Lobster

Now: A HOBIE Kayak,
The Mirage (main Hobie Web)

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Summer of 2003

James Bryant, Keith Pearson and Brain Ballergion