Term Project -- MEE320
The term project differs from the homework and other projects in that it is a group effort and it should be a more comprehensive overview of the issues involved in material selection.  Two project options are available.   Material selection for a bicycle frame or a sea kayak hull.  There is not a correct answer for either of these problems.  For a sea kayak a number of options exist -- in particular wood, wood with a canvas or fabric coating, ultralight technology or a number of different plastic hull designs.  For a road bicycle frame all of the options available to the material scientist have at least been considered for road bike frames.  This includes metal matrix composite, titanium, steel, aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastic etc.  Nearly all of these options have their proponents and are currently used for road bicycle frames.
Sea Kayak
This is not a cost no-object problem.   The objective here is to maintain a competitive cost while creating a boat that will best serve the customer.  The issues associated with durability should be considered as well as cost of manufacturing.   The kayak will be used for light touring off of the coast of Maine.  In particular the Maine Islands Trails and similar trips will be the target use.  The kayak is assumed to be individually owned by someone who uses the boat extensively.   The target price should be consistent with other products in the category.  A few manufacturers are Necky, Prijon, Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger.   Some of the wood designs are available as kits from CLC or Pygmy.   For folding boats the standard boat is the Klepper.
Road Bicycle
The road bicycle is a highly optimized system of tubes and mechanical systems.  This system of tubes and mechanical components is primarily tied to an athletic competition rather than transportation.  The rules which govern the design of frames are set by the Union Cycliste Internationale (the UCI) .  The rules are also available and interpreted somewhat at the USA cycling web site -- the organization which represents ametuer road biking in the US including the olympic games participation. The rules are quite strict and do not allow many changes in the physical design of the bicycle.  However materials are not controlled and so minor improvements in the material selection are critical to the competitive advantages of different bicycle designs. 
This is a small group project.  You are allowed to select your group if you want, otherwise you should ask for assistance in finding a suitable group.  The report should include a through survey of existing solutions to the problem and the use of all that you know about the design process to evaluate current designs.  The current designs should then be contrasted with what other options are available and then a materials recommendation should be made for design of a road bike or a sea kayak.