Fall 2005:
Welcome to MEE380 -- Design I

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Design Project
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This class is an extension of the previous dynamics class.  Here we learn more advanced dynamics analysis techniques and then we apply these techniques to a design problem.



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When saving .m files, change from .txt to .m and save in "matlab/work"

Pendulum Problem Call program MEE380_2.m Function for Diff. Eq. MEE380eq2.m
Skydiver (mee380a1.m or .html)  
Skydiver -- Corrected by John Blanco and Brendan Owen skydiver.m (or html)  

Euler's method (UBC, Montana, Penn State, more?

A nice French Matlab oriented site
Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique

Another nice site with Euler-Trapezoid algorithm method and code samples (here) or local reduced size version (here)


Semester Design Project (Click Here!)