2005 Results


Rules and Goals

Rule #1 All modifications must be represented in your model!

Goal #1 Reinforce all of the concepts of the course
Goal #2 See how to apply ideas
Goal #3 See what matters and then to win


First order effects?: Aero drag, potential energy, rolling resistance, friction on axles, and ...

A starter model:

A complete running .m  file and as .html
(These m files will allow you to get started on the model,
they do have errors you will have to find and fix!!!
They should get you started if you are stuck.)

Other factors to consider: drag due to wheels, change in height of C.G. of car due to tread out-of round wheels and ..

Information on height of center of gravity (CG)


You must complete a professional report on your project.  The template for the format and the organization of the report is attached.

Report Template

Basic rules:

Weight: Race cars may weigh no more than five (5) ounces (total weight) as determined on the official scales during race day inspection.

Wheels and Axles: The car shall roll on the wheels from a kit. The wheels must turn about the axle nails from the kit. The axle nails need to be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body.

Size: Race cars cannot be longer than 7 inches, wider than 2.75 inches, or taller than 3 inches. Underside clearance of at least 0.375 inches and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1.75 inches is recommended, so that the car will run on the racetrack.

Weights and Attachment: Weight may be added to the car and will be considered part of the car for purposes of all measurements. All weight must be securely fastened to the car. Weights shall be passive, i.e. non-moveable, non-magnetic, non-electric, non-sticky, etc.

Wheels: Wheels should be based on the wheels in the kit.  Modifications should be included in the model.

Gravity Powered: The race car may not be constructed or treated in such a way that the track's starting mechanism imparts momentum to the car. (For instance, this provision disqualifies cars with sticky substances on the front of the car and protrusions which may catch on the starting pin.)

Lubricants: Lubricants must be dry at the time of inspection and racing.

Staging: The entire car must stage behind the starting gate