Fall 2007:
MEE380 -- Design I

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Chapter 3 Homework
due 9-18-07:
Problem 3-25 is extra credit

Problem: 4-19b, 6-16

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Design Project
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Spiral Curve for a Thoroughbred Race Horse


  • Iowa State Excel Spread Sheet: xls sheet

  • Wikipedia (link)

  • Basic track info -- Daily Racing Form (link)

  • A write up that shows a horse -- assume that the horse does not bend (Center of mass is fixed) and assumed width of hooves and height of CM (link)

  • A powerpoint, look at slide 93 on (link)

This class is an extension of the previous dynamics class.  Here we learn more advanced dynamics analysis techniques and then we apply these techniques to a design problem.



Mouse from:



from: http://www.frogsonice.com/foi/store/sciam.gif


When saving .m files, change from .txt to .m and save in "matlab/work"

Pendulum Problem Call program MEE380_2.m Function for Diff. Eq. MEE380eq2.m
Misc. Examples link to file  
Skydiver skydiver.m (or html)  
Car on a Ramp Skydiver skydiver_car2.m (or html)  

Euler's method (UBC, Montana, Penn State, more?

A nice powerpoint from New Zealand (link)

A nice French Matlab oriented site
Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique

Another nice site with Euler-Trapezoid algorithm method and code samples (here) or local reduced size version (here)


Semester Design Project