Cloud Foundry CLI Cheat Sheet

To interact with Cloud Foundry and apps under development, one needs the Cloud Foundry CLI (Command Line Interface). This cheat sheet explains how to get started with CF CLI and contains useful commands for managing routes, domains, environment variables, logs, etc. You will also learn how to create service instances and bind them to applications, as well as work with Cloud Foundry spaces.

Patterns and Anti-Patterns when Operating Cloud Foundry in a Private / Public Cloud

After facing inconsistency and reliability issues, Warner Music Group (WMG) made a decision to move its private Cloud Foundry-based infrastructure to a public cloud. Together, WMG and Altoros has worked out a data sheet to share the lessons learned during the migration. The cheat sheet features 5 patterns and 5 anti-patterns on operating Cloud Foundry in a private / public cloud and 10 tips on how to address the issues associated with scaling, HA, upgrades, backups, maintenance, etc.