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Professional Support for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) is a Kubernetes vendor distribution designed to advance container orchestration capabilities in a multicloud environment.

VMware TKG experts at Altoros provide professional support services for enterprises running large-scale Kubernetes deployments. Available during the US business hours, the team addresses issues of any complexity. Our engineers ensure continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructure, deliver timely upgrades and backups, enable disaster recovery, and enforce security—complying with the industry best practices.

Professional Support for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
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Why companies need cloud platform support

With the rapid development of cloud-native technologies, it is crucial to ensure timely system upgrades to eliminate security vulnerabilities, technical debt, and compatibility issues with third-party solutions. Our services involve:


Delivering updates for older API versions, enforcing security, and enabling access to the latest features of a cloud platform


Keeping Kubernetes and the underlying technologies up to date, preventing technical debt and achieving ease of maintenance

We offer cloud platform support to companies

  • 01Looking to outsource management and troubleshooting of a Kubernetes deployment
  • 02Seeking additional expertise to expand or upskill the in-house team
  • 03Running a vendor platform and encountering issues around:
    • limited default functionality
    • compatibility with third-party services
    • outdated technology stack
    • slow support services by a cloud provider
  • 04Searching for long-term platform support services with flexible pricing
  • 05Requiring a money-back guarantee
  • 06Looking for assistance in compliance management
  • 07Willing to hire experienced Kubernetes engineers without spending time and resources on recruitment
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How you benefit

Consistent deployments

Consistent deployments

Achieve enterprise-grade availability and fault tolerance of the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid deployment across multiple clouds in accordance with service-level agreements.

Logging and monitoring

Logging and monitoring

Get insights into resource utilization and perform regular system health checks to detect potential issues before they affect business processes.



Implement comprehensive security measures, such as vulnerability scanning, role-based access control, multifactor authentication, and encryption to comply with the industry best practices.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Autoscale computing resources and automate mundane deployment tasks to minimize operational delays and reduce infrastructure costs.

CI/CD enablement

CI/CD enablement

Build continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to automate provisioning and configuration.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Learn how to operate Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in production and obtain best practices to troubleshoot arising issues. TKG developers at Altoros also assist enterprises in integrating the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid tooling.

What we offer

As part of our regular workflow, we provide the following:

Provisioning a control plane of a Kubentetes cluster, using cloud-native best practices.
Integrating key platform components, implementing message brokers, and configuring monitoring/logging.
Creating CI/CD pipelines to automate updates around a TKG deployment and the integrated services.
Delivering an MVP of a Kubernetes cluster on top of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Compiling detailed documentation to facilitate future delivery and streamline technology adoption.
Introducing a customer to the Agile methodology, pair and extreme programming, as well as other popular techniques.
Providing training around TKG basics, CI/CD tools (Concourse, Jenkins, etc.), and release engineering tools (e.g., BOSH).


What customers get with Altoros:

  • Guidance on TKG adoption
  • An MVP of a Kubernetes cluster with its key components seamlessly deployed on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • An agile approach to operations
  • On-site workshops and training sessions on pair programming and extreme programming, etc.

Why choose Altoros as a platform support services provider

A reliable pool of Kubernetes engineers to support Day 1/Day 2 operations
Automated provisioning with the infrastructure-as-code tools (IaC), such as Terraform
Onboarding within 72 hours
A performant, highly available, compliant platform
Regular maintenance to keep the platform resilient and secure
Immediate access to qualified platform support specialists
Consulting around architecture and workflow optimizations
Complete coordination with the in-house team
Emergency assistance for critical issues
Thorough analysis of the infrastructure and proactive incident alerts
Coordination with the in-house team
Continuous system audits and detailed reports
Business review meetings held quarterly and annually
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid implementation and support
Affordable service
Consulting and enterprise platform support in a single package
Affordable service
Quarterly business review meetings and annual visits
Affordable service
Fast onboarding: engineers start working within 72 hours of contract signing
Affordable service
A team of professionals that scales on demand according to business needs

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Key Capabilities

Simplify Kubernetes management and operations with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Support


Consistent Kubernetes everywhere

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid can be run in your private cloud, in the public cloud, or in a highly distributed edge environment.


Automated multicluster operations

Automate lifecycle management to reduce your risk and shift your focus to more strategic work..


Validated integrated services

Streamline logging, monitoring, networking, and storage services to more easily configure and maintain a production-ready Kubernetes environment.


Enterprise-wide management

Get global visibility across teams, clusters and workloads. Automate multiregion configuration and policy management.


Expert support

Get 24x7 production support from Altoros developers to ensure you work with complete confidence.

Want to accelerate your cloud-native journey?

Check out our expertise

The ticket submission workflow


File a support request

Reach out to us via phone or e-mail.


Initial processing

Based on the assigned severity level of incidents, we deliver a mitigation plan.



Rely on Kubernetes experts at Altoros to receive instructions and/or direct assistance to fix any unexpected issues and minimize the impact on end users.



Request an issue escalation if it requires immediate attention.



Receive notifications once the problem is solved.

What enterprises get with Altoros

What customers get with Altoros:

  • A reliable pool of Kubernetes engineers to support Day 1/Day 2 operations
  • Onboarding within 72 hours
  • Regular maintenance to keep the platform resilient and secure
  • Consulting around Tanzu Kubernetes Grid–based architecture and workflow optimizations
  • Emergency assistance for critical issues
  • Coordination with the in-house team
  • Affordable service

A professional team of engineers

You do not need to train the in-house team around maintenance and support tasks. Our experts are ready to step in immediately to address any arising issues. Rely on platform support services at Altoros to ensure that your Kubernetes deployment is stable and highly available.

24/7 service delivery

Weekly reviews of a Kubernetes deployment

Monthly reviews of IaC and CI/CD pipelines

Instant monitoring and smoke testing

Incident logging and classification

KPIs to measure support team performance

The frequency of smoke and CRUD tests to validate system’s uptime

The time spent to update Kubernetes clusters

The ability to stick to capacity specifications of a Kubernetes cluster, monitoring such metrics as resource saturation, resource utilization, memory limits, etc.

Call center’s average waiting time

A rating of an engineer handling an incident

A rating of management/coordination work

Adherence to SLAs

  • Updating Kubernetes clusters to the latest API version
  • Ensuring high availability (95%–99,9%)

Services on demand

  • Architecture assessment
  • An implementation roadmap for Kubernetes distributions (VMware Tanzu Application Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, etc.)
  • Custom software development

Satisfaction guarantee


We take immediate action or offer a money-back guarantee (1 month) in case you are not satisfied with the services around incident management.


We take immediate action or offer a money-back guarantee (1 month) in case incidents were handled unprofessionally.


Our engineers strictly adhere to service-level agreements, ensuring all the requirements are met.

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