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A Platform for Monitoring Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

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A provider of managed infrastructure services delivers a product that accelerates multi-cloud monitoring by 5x.

A Platform for Monitoring Multi-Cloud Infrastructures

About the project

The customer turned to Altoros to develop a multi-tenant cloud management platform that will serve as an alternative to expensive offerings on the market. As a result of collaboration:

  • The customer has got a cost-effective system targeted at managed service providers (MSPs).
  • The product accelerated cloud infrastructure management by 5 times, monitoring multiple cloud infrastructures in a unified environment.
  • The developed solution provided the customer with an additional revenue channel, enabling to focus on core activities (managed cloud services).

The customer

Unigma is an independent provider of managed infrastructure services. The company helps its clients to monitor, operate, and support cloud infrastructures.

The need

The customer wanted to build a multi-tenant management platform for monitoring cloud infrastructures and building reports in a unified dashboard. The developed solution should pose an alternative to expensive solutions on the market. Targeted at managed services providers (MSPs), the system should simplify admin / DevOps work. The product had to be integrated with a number of cloud computing platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, etc.

The challenge

During the project, the developers had to address the following challenges:

  • Optimize requests and connections to cut expenses on bandwidth.
  • Avoid exceeding the limit of concurrent requests to cloud APIs.
  • Adapt the system to rapidly changing load.
  • Guarantee a decent level of security.

The solution

On a high level, the delivered system was divided into three modules:

  • Administrator interface (tracks changes, policies, billing settings, etc.)
  • Cloud workers (extract data from Microsoft Azure and AWS and store it in a centralized database)
  • Dashboard (displays all the information about the cloud resources)

To enable horizontal scalability of multiple independent services, Altoros relied on the microservices approach and the 12-factor apps paradigm. Each component of the system was implemented as an independent stateless service, running on the Cloud Foundry PaaS. The monitoring statistics is extracted straight from the APIs, so that cloud workers do not store any outdated statuses / data.

Alongside with network / architecture / data protection, the team also implemented an API Gateway with single sign-on between the microservices. Using Spring Boot / Spring Security, the engineers created a separate module that contains the web client code and securely proxies all calls to different components. This helped to guarantee overall app security at the network level and minimize risks of a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack.

To optimize requests and bandwidth usage, Altoros’s engineers created a pool of connections and combined requests in batches.

The outcome

Cooperating with Altoros, the customer has accelerated delivery of the platform, still focusing on its core activities (managed cloud services).

With this product, the end users are now able to cut time spent on infrastructure operations by 5x.

It is planned to enable cost-saving logic that will estimate how effectively cloud accounts are used, suggesting optimal cloud infrastructure offers. In addition, a user will be able to find offers and pricing that fits his/her needs—using a cost calculator.

Technology stack

Server platform

VMware Tanzu

Programming language



AngularJS, Spring Boot, Spring Security, RabbitMQ, Hibernate, Quartz, Kibana, amCharts


Cassandra (DataStax Enterprise), MySQL, Amazon RDS


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