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A Cloud-Based Document Exchange System


The system was deployed in a cloud environment to provide a scalable data storage and ensure high availability of all services.

A Cloud-Based Document Exchange System

About the project

Normally, e-mail service providers limit the size of data sets that can be sent at a time. In addition, users have to employ third-party software to create documents with complex structures, multiple fields, diagrams, and tables. The customer is a provider of advanced document exchange services who designed software that eliminates these drawbacks. The new system simplifies the process of creating documents for various types of businesses and industries. Users can exchange documents, preview correspondence, create custom templates for documents and letters, assign various access restrictions, review, and mark up documents.

The need

The customer is a start-up company that came to Altoros with an idea to develop a service similar to “virtual FedEx” that delivers electronic documents. The main advantage of the emerging system was to be a simple and intuitive user interface. Ease of navigation and availability of the planned features were tested on a prototype developed by Altoros.

The challenge

The system had to store a large number of documents and provide fast access to any of them. It was decided to use cloud technologies to ensure high availability, quick response times, and easy horizontal scalability. The system was integrated with EMC, FileTransfer services, and a third-party Reporting Tool selected by Altoros’s experts. The system had to be integrated with local document management solutions of the customers.

The solution

Users can benefit from a completely new approach to creating and exchanging documents. A single document can be associated with multiple tables, graphs, pictures, etc. which will be stored together with this particular file. You can search documents by session id and the text search functionality is currently being implemented. Documents can be sorted and filtered by various custom criteria or added to a list of favorites for quick access.

We suggested using a hover bar as the central element of the interface that allows for simple and user-friendly navigation through the system. The bar can be customized to include various tabs, such as documents, inbox, organization, transactions, reports, or administration.

Preview information is stored in cache, so that users can see snippets of items by placing the mouse cursor over them.

The outcome

The customer released a new solution that makes document exchange easier and more efficient. The system has already become rather popular, thanks to a user-friendly interface, smart navigation, enhanced security, and unlimited storage space in a cloud environment. By testing prototypes, we were able to carefully study all requirements, confirm functionality, and access usability before we started development.

Technology stack

Server platform


Client platform/Application server


Programming language



Couchbase, Solr, Pentaho, Spring MVC, jQuery




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